Which Team is the Cubs Biggest Rival?

Which Team is the Cubs Biggest Rival?

The Cubs are going to see a lot of the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals this month as MLB has tried to put rivalry games near the end of the schedule. Once again the Cubs played the White Sox in two different series this season, and they are a big rival as well.

These are not the only three “rivals” of the Chicago Cubs, but they seem to be at the top of the list. There are certainly no wrong answers when it comes to this question, but, “Which team is the Cubs biggest rival?”

Which Team is the Cubs Biggest Rival?

You are allowed to formulate your own opinion for this question, but I’m going to break each of the three teams down to help answer the question. Regardless of your answer, nearly all Cubs fans can’t stand to see any of these three teams do well.

Chicago White Sox: Intercity Rivals

Some Cubs fans will argue that the Chicago White Sox are the biggest rivals, but those Cubs fans also probably live in the city of Chicago. There is no doubt that an intense rivalry exists, but it’s usually between the fans more than the teams.

When these teams do meet up there is plenty of energy in the stadium, and fans have been known to get into heated exchanges. All of these factors do make these teams rivals, but they just don’t play enough games each season.

The Cubs and White Sox provide plenty of banter between fan bases in the city of Chicago, but this isn’t a rivalry that expands to Cubs fans in other parts of the country.

Milwaukee Brewers: Wrigley Field North

The Milwaukee Brewers are the newest rival on the list as they were also an American League team for much of their existence. This rivalry really started to heat up in the early 2000s and now it has gotten pretty intense over the last few seasons.

One of the biggest reasons that this has become a rivalry is due to location. Milwaukee is only a short drive from Chicago, and Cubs fans have been known to flock to what is called, “Wrigley Field North.”

Milwaukee continues to try to keep Cubs fans out of the building, but those strategies haven’t worked. There have been some dustups in this series as well as both teams have competed for the NL Central crown.

The Brewers are a great rival, but they still aren’t the top rival of the Cubs.

St. Louis Cardinals: Midwest Rivalry

The biggest rival of the Chicago Cubs remains the St. Louis Cardinals, and that isn’t going to be changing anytime soon. Illinois is split right down the middle when it comes to allegiances of a MLB team, and that creates a great rivalry in the central part of the state.

These two teams have been battling it out in the same division for decades, and each team has had some memorable moments against the other. Both teams have fans that travel really well, and opposing fans are always showing up at the ballpark.

The matchups between the Cubs and Cardinals are always the most important games of the year, and usually determine which team will win the NL Central. There is nothing better for Cubs fans than beating the St. Louis Cardinals, and that is why this is the biggest rivalry for Chicago.


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