Sosa Belongs in the Hall of Fame

The 2022 MLB Hall of Fame Class is set to be revealed on Jan. 25, and this is always a celebrated announcement. Sammy Sosa is on the list of eligible candidates, but don’t expect a positive announcement to be made.

“Slammin’ Sammy” should be a member of the Hall of Fame, but voters continue to try to play the role of moral police. Instead of simply looking at what took place on the field, voters continue to make their own judgments about which player cheated and which didn’t. 

I’m not here to claim that Sosa was completely innocent, and he definitely cheated by using steroids at some point. The problem here is that this was a significant issue sweeping through baseball, and Sosa simply joined in.

Sosa belted 609 home runs during his career, and those stats alone should put him in the Hall of Fame. Pitchers have been finding ways to cheat for years, and it’s still tough to belt as many home runs as Sosa did. 

The fact that baseball fans that visit the Hall of Fame don’t get a chance to see Sosa and read about his legendary career is a problem. 


Sosa Helped Save Baseball

If it wasn’t for Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire, baseball likely never would have recovered from a labor strike. Fans were giving up on the sport, but the historic home run chase in 1998 brought fans back.

Sosa Belongs in the Hall of Fame
Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire’s home run battle helped revitalize baseball.

Sosa belted 66 home runs that season and finished just four short of McGwire. This chase captivated baseball fans throughout the country, especially in the Midwest. 

Sosa followed up the 1998 campaign by belting 63 home runs in the next year, and he became one of the most popular players in baseball. There is no doubt that Sosa had his flaws, but MLB owes the slugger for saving baseball. 


Cubs Need to Honor “Slammin’ Sammy”

Being elected to the MLB Hall of Fame is the highest honor that any former baseball player can receive, but another honor should be coming to Sosa. The Cubs have cut all ties with the former MVP, and that needs to change at some point, and that time should be soon.

Obviously, the end of Sosa’s career in Chicago was rough, to say the least, but he still did much more good for this franchise than harm. Sosa was a beloved member of the Cubs organization and was the only reason that fans packed Wrigley Field in some of those seasons. 

The Cubs, mainly Tom Ricketts, needs to be the bigger person in this situation and end the feud with Sosa and get him back to Wrigley Field. 

The 2022 season might be one without many things to celebrate, and this could be the perfect opportunity to bring some excitement to the Friendly Confines. 


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