It’s Time to Turn on Ricketts

It’s Time to Turn on Ricketts

Tom Ricketts was once beloved around Wrigley Field, but times have quickly changed. It’s now time for Ricketts to leave town and let someone else own the team. 

It’s Time to Turn on Ricketts

When the Ricketts family bought the Chicago Cubs in 2009, it was Tom Ricketts that promised that changes were coming. Ricketts himself was a Cubs fan, and he promised to deliver the elusive World Series championship to the team.


The first few years under Ricketts were rough as the Cubs just continued to lose 100 games in embarrassing fashion. Still, it was clear that the Cubs had a plan in place, and Ricketts was willing to do whatever it took to win.


As soon as Anthony Rizzo caught the final out of the 2016 World Series, everything changed in the mindset of Ricketts. He had finally accomplished his mission in Chicago, and it quickly became clear that one championship was enough.


Sure the players can be blamed for never repeating as champions, but Ricketts and other members of the front office didn’t give them a fighting chance. The product on the field in 2022 is pathetic, at least in terms of thinking about what a real team should look like.


Ricketts has continued to claim “biblical losses” during the COVID-19 pandemic, and he has used that as an excuse as to why he has cut payroll. The Cubs are now 15th in the league in payroll, and that simply should never be the case. 


Fans have a right to be upset with the direction that this team is going, and they have a right to blame Ricketts. If the owner is no longer going to spend the money needed to make this a competitive team then it’s time for Ricketts and company to sell the team. 

Dodgers Did it Right

The Los Angeles Dodgers were in Chicago this past weekend, and this was a stark reminder of just how bad things have gotten for the Cubs. Back in 2016 it appeared as if the Cubs and Dodgers were headed for about 10 straight years of rivalry games.


While the Cubs stopped spending money after winning the World Series, one title only seemed to make the Dodgers hungrier. Los Angeles just kept acquiring all of the top talent that they could, and they are still relevant today.


It’s not only about money either, but being aggressive when pursuing players lets your team know that the owner is serious about winning. 


Does Hoyer Have a Plan?

Jed Hoyer was put into a tough situation when Theo Epstein stepped away from the team, and that job became harder because of the pandemic. If Hoyer isn’t going to get the money needed to put together a winning team, then he would be better off just finding another job. 


Hoyer spent the offseason assuring people that he had a plan to build the next great championship team, but it’s unclear how long that might take. His current roster might be on track to lose 100 games, and he won’t have the money to build in free agency. 


Hoyer does deserve a couple of more years to figure this out, but time is running out. 



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