Cubs to Spend Money This Offseason

The Chicago Cubs had the perfect opportunity to play spoiler this weekend at Wrigley Field as the red-hot St. Louis Cardinals are in town. Instead, the Cubs appear to be in full-tank mode as they just continue to find or create new ways to lose baseball games.

Wrigley Field has been nearly full all weekend long, but the majority of fans in attendance are wearing red. The play on the field has been exciting at times, but the talent just isn’t what you would expect from a Major League Baseball team.

The biggest news of the weekend came out of the mouth of Jed Hoyer, the man in charge of trying to turn this team into a World Series contender again. He made it clear that the Cubs would be spending money this offseason, even going as far as saying they would be “aggressive.”

Hoyer and owner Tom Ricketts have been saying that there just isn’t any money for the last few months, but a salary dump in July has provided some financial relief. Spending money is a sound strategy, but it’s hard to picture many free agents wanting to join a team in a full rebuild.

It seems pretty clear that starting pitching is an area of need for the Cubs, but this team is also going to have to find a way to score runs on a consistent basis. Frank Schwindel and Patrick Wisdom have been great this season, but they aren’t players to build a franchise around.

There are also some major concerns about the status of the CBA, and those negotiations are expected to be pretty tense over the next few months. It’s great that the Cubs will have some financial flexibility to make moves, but there are a ton of holes on this roster.

Will it Matter?

Hoyer has continued to deny that the Cubs are in a full rebuild, but he is lying to himself and to the fanbase. The Cubs simply don’t have enough money to fix all of the problems with this roster, and there aren’t enough free agents available to do so either.

The Cubs would be wise to make some smaller moves this offseason and try to rebuild through the farm system in 2022. The Cubs are not competing in the NL Central next season, but there might be a chance again in 2023.

Any Chance at a Reunion?

There is no doubt that a majority of Cubs fans are still holding out hope that any or all of the trio of stars will make a return to Wrigley for next season. The core all said the right things on their exits from the Cubs and even indicated that a reunion was still a possibility.

We are now a few months removed from that infamous 24 hours, and it’s nearly impossible to see any of the three players re-signing with the team this offseason. Kris Bryant loves his new team in San Francisco, and Javier Baez loves playing with his buddy in New York.

Anthony Rizzo seems like the most logical choice to rejoin the team, but the Cubs aren’t going to pay him what he believes he is worth.

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