A Cubs Fan’s Guide to 2022 MLB Playoffs


Even though the Cubs are going to miss out on the 2022 MLB Playoffs, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t watch. The MLB season is long, but watching playoff baseball is always enjoyable, even if the beloved Cubbies aren’t involved.

Rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals is simply not allowed, and they will hopefully lose in the most embarrassing way possible. The White Sox might not even make the playoffs, but the same rules would apply if they sneak in.

Besides rooting against the Cardinals and White Sox, it’s really up to you to pick a team to follow and then get behind them. There are some former Cubs stars set to play in the postseason, and that’s a pretty fun angle to follow.

Normally rooting for the New York Yankees would be frowned upon, but they do have Anthony Rizzo in the middle of their lineup. Aaron Judge is also absolutely ridiculous, and watching him belt home runs will never get old.

This playoff field does have some dominant teams, but it also feels pretty wide open. Here is a look at some teams to root for, and some to root against.

These Teams are Fun

If you are looking for a fun team to root for, then look no further than the Seattle Mariners. Seattle has a young team that is playing out of their minds, and they would be a massive surprise if they won it all.

The Tampa Bay Rays are always a good option as well, and the Toronto Blue Jays can mash. If the Guardians are able to sneak into the postseason, then they would be a good team to back since the Cubs ripped their hearts out in 2016.

The National League doesn’t have many “fun” teams to root for, but watching Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos hit bombs for the Phillies is something that will never get old. Yu Darvish could also put the San Diego Padres on his back in the playoffs, and he was a beloved pitcher with the Cubbies.

Teams to Root Against

Besides the Cardinals and White Sox, there are still some other teams to root against hard this October. Let’s start with the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers as it’s pretty tiring watching them battle it out in the postseason year after year.

The New York Mets are another team to throw into this mix, even though they have a dominant starting rotation that can get some big outs. Atlanta is a fun team to watch, but watching them win another title would get a bit boring.

The Dream Scenario

There are two fun teams to pick in the American League, and it’s the Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays. If either of those teams won the AL, then it would setup for an awesome World Series.

The best team for Cubs fans to root for in the National League would have to be the Philadelphia Phillies. Kyle Schwarber deserves to win another title, and Nick Castellanos winning one would be fun to see as well.


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